Table 5 Combined effects of maternal–fetal SNPs in linear regression models
Combined: Maternal SNPaCombined: Fetal SNPa
p,p′-DDErs72599651941,521,532CYP2B60.30.054.4 × 10−90.050.05NS
BDE-99rs72599651941,521,532CYP2B60.330.068.8 × 10− × 10−2
BDE-28rs11789653917,993,589ADAMTSL1-SH3GL20.630.124.2 × 10−70.190.12NS
PCB196/203rs7510765334,181,811SETMAR-SUMF10.590.116.8 × 10−80.040.11NS
PCB187rs10500669116,328,472PRKCDBP0.190.041.5 × 10−600.04NS
BDE-100rs729134751844,170,156LOXHD10.050.1NS0.550.17.5 × 10−8
  • CHR, chromosome; BP, position; SE, standard error; NS, not significant.

  • a Linear regression models adjusted for maternal birth place, maternal age, maternal education attainment, offspring gender, month of birth, parity, 10 ancestry coordinates, offspring ASD outcome status, maternal SNP genotypes, and fetal SNP genotypes.