Table 2 Details on the five models constructed in this study
ModelConstraintsOptimized InputsMMEDNotes
M0No0No genetic factors
M1γpnγ, p, nYes2One constant-effect factor
M2Embedded Image; n2 = 1γ1, p1, n1, γ2, p2Yes4Two constant-effect factors
M3Embedded Image n2…5 = 1; σ2…5 = 10; μ2…5 = {230, 237, 244, 258}; γ2…5 = {100, 80, 60, −100}; p2…5 = {0.005, 0.01, 0.015, 0.3}γ1, p1, n1Yes2One constant- and four varying-effect factors
M4γ1, p1, n1 from best fit of M3; p2…5 and n2…5 as in M3γ2…5No4Five constant-effect factors, fixed p and n
  • “ED” is the equivalent number of free input parameters, taking into account the constraints and metamodeling. “MM” indicates whether MM was used to fit the model. MM, metamodeling; ED, effective dimensionality.