Table 4 Proportion of common candidates in the top 5% of maternal and progeny rankings (above diagonals), and estimated Spearman breeding value rank correlations (diagonals and below diagonals), for pedigree-based (A) and combined pedigree marker-based (H) relationship estimators at 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100% genotyping effort for white spruce tree height and wood density
A (0%)H (25%)H (50%)H (75%)H (100%)A (0%)H (25%)H (50%)H (75%)H (100%)
A (0%)1.00 (NA)0.89 (0.052)a0.78 (0.070)a0.70 (0.055)a0.64 (NA)A (0%)1.00 (NA)0.89 (0.035)a0.76 (0.040)a0.66 (0.034)a0.55 (NA)a
H (25%)0.99 (0.002)a0.98 (0.002)a0.82 (0.046)a0.74 (0.045)a0.69 (0.045)aH (25%)0.98 (0.003)a0.98 (0.002)a0.74 (0.012)a0.66 (0.015)a0.56 (0.023)a
H (50%)0.96 (0.006)a0.97 (0.002)a0.97 (0.004)a0.80 (0.049)a0.78 (0.062)aH (50%)0.94 (0.010)a0.95 (0.002)a0.94 (0.006)a0.70 (0.017)a0.64 (0.034)a
H (75%)0.98 (0.006)a0.95 (0.003)a0.97 (0.005)a0.98 (0.002)a0.88 (0.065)aH (75%)0.90 (0.008)a0.91 (0.003)a0.92 (0.006)a0.94 (0.002)a0.77 (0.024)a
H (100%)0.91 (NA)0.93 (0.004)a0.96 (0.006)a0.98 (0.002)a1.00 (NA)H (100%)0.84 (NA)0.86 (0.004)a0.90 (0.006)a0.95 (0.004)a1.00 (NA)a
A (0%)1.00 (NA)0.90 (0.058)a0.77 (0.066)a0.7 (0.050)a0.73 (NA)A (0%)1.00 (NA)0.92 (0.018)a0.83 (0.023)a0.74 (0.018)a0.70 (NA)
H (25%)1.00 (0.001)a0.99 (0.001)a0.81 (0.031)a0.76 (0.051)a0.79 (0.060)aH (25%)0.99 (0.002)a0.99 (0.001)a0.87 (0.014)a0.80 (0.015)a0.76 (0.017)
H (50%)0.98 (0.003)a0.98 (0.001)a0.98 (0.002)a0.83 (0.052)a0.85 (0.070)aH (50%)0.96 (0.005)a0.97 (0.001)a0.96 (0.002)a0.85 (0.012)a0.84 (0.023)
H (75%)0.96 (0.005)a0.97 (0.002)a0.98 (0.003)a0.98 (0.001)a0.94 (0.059)aH (75%)0.92 (0.006)a0.93 (0.002)a0.94 (0.003)a0.96 (0.001)a0.91 (0.019)
H (100%)0.95 (NA)0.96 (0.002)a0.97 (0.004)a0.99 (0.002)a1.00 (NA)H (100%)0.88 (NA)0.90 (0.003)a0.92 (0.004)a0.96 (0.003)a1.00 (NA)
  • SD of sampling distribution in parentheses. A, pedigree-based relationship estimator; H, combined pedigree marker-based relationship estimator; HT, height in cm; NA, not applicable; WD, wood density in kg/m3.

  • a Mean value(s).