Table 2 Comparison of rescue of lethality, developmental delay, and body size on overexpressing dSTIM or dOrai in background of dSTIM knockout or orai3, respectively
GenotypePercentage Rescue of LethalityRescue of Developmental DelayRescue of Body Size
nSyb > STIMko;dSTIM20
TH > STIMko;dSTIM30+
TH > cas9;STIMdual;dSTIM25+++
ElavC155 > orai3;dOrai80++++
nSyb > orai3;dOrai45++++
TH > orai3;dOrai45++++
OK371 > orai3;dOrai10++
c929 > orai3;dOrai
dMef2 > orai3;dOrai
  • —, no rescue; +, strength of rescue; TH, tyrosine hydrolase.