Table 3 Tiller number in the introgression lines
GenotypeaChrbMarkerscPositiondNo. of Tillerse
NB13.67 ± 1.70
IL-qOLTN11RM1287-RM29710.8–33.88.14 ± 1.64f
IL-qOLTN23OL3L26-RM34365.4–28.211.13 ± 1.27f
IL-qOLTN34End-RM38660–23.815.00 ± 3.12
IL-qOLTN48RM1235-RM548512.1–24.211.67 ± 2.87
  • a NB indicates Nipponbare, IL-qOLTN1–4 indicates introgression lines that carry the respective QTL for tiller number.

  • b Chromosome which have an O. longistaminata chromosomal segment.

  • c Flanking simple sequence repeat markers of an introgressed O. longistaminata chromosomal segment. “End” indicates the end of short arm.

  • d Physical positions of the flanking SSR markers in megabases.

  • e The number of tillers measured in 7–9 plants for each line are shown in mean ± SD.

  • f Indicates a significant difference compared with NB at P ≤ 0.05 according to Student’s t-test.