Table 1 Host range test of PA3 × TN20 segregating progeny lines on Peking, PI 88788, PI 90763, and PI 437654
[(PA3 × TN20) × PA3]Peking9030:603:13.3330.068
[(PA3 × TN20) × PA3]PI 887889068:223:10.0150.903
[(PA3 × TN20) × PA3]PI 907639016:743:12.5040.114
[(PA3 × TN20) × PA3]PI 437654900:903:1270<0.001
  • a TN20 was the parasitic and PA3 was the nonparasitic H. glycines inbred line on Peking, PI 88788, PI 90763, and PI 437654. The BC1F2 mating strategy used PA3 as the female and recurrent parent in a single backcross.

  • b Plant introduction.

  • c Number of progeny lines from the mating.

  • d Numbers of parasitic (P) and nonparasitic (Np) lines on the indicator lines. Parasitic lines were scored based on a >10% female index.

  • e Expected segregation ratio for a single gene.