Table 3 Mean breeding value accuracy estimates (Formula) for white spruce tree height and wood density using pedigree-based (A) and combined pedigree marker-based (H) relationship estimators at 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100% genotyping effort for three classes of individuals: maternal parent, genotyped progeny, and nongenotyped progeny
Estimator (GE) (%)ClassHTWD
A (0%)Maternal0.521 (NA)0.635 (NA)
Nongenotyped0.474 (NA)0.605 (NA)
H (25%)Maternal0.525 (0.0007)0.635 (0.0007)
Genotyped0.499 (0.0008)0.626 (0.0007)
Nongenotyped0.474 (0.0003)0.604 (0.0002)
H (50%)Maternal0.527 (0.0010)0.635 (0.0009)
Genotyped0.514 (0.0006)0.640 (0.0004)
Nongenotyped0.473 (0.0004)0.602 (0.0003)
H (75%)Maternal0.530 (0.0007)0.635 (0.0007)
Genotyped0.528 (0.0004)0.651 (0.0003)
Nongenotyped0.475 (0.0003)0.601 (0.0002)
H (100%)Maternal0.539 (NA)0.635 (NA)
Genotyped0.536 (NA)0.661 (NA)
  • SD of sampling distribution in parentheses. HT, height in cm; WD, wood density in kg/m3; Formula,breeding value accuracy estimates; A, pedigree-based relationship estimator; NA, not applicable; H, combined pedigree marker-based relationship estimator.