Table 2 Three single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) examples from Arabidopsis inbred lines
Conservative ModelPowerful ModelAnnotation
SNPA1Freq.CovariatesaFormulaFormulaFormulaCovariatesFormulaFormulaFormulaTreatmentTraitGroup #F-StatisticGene
3_8965883A0.0508Formula0.6920.1277.01Formula0.7030.1277.18Low MgS1RSY3
4_6353940T0.0578Formula0.5380.1234.79Formula0.6360.1216.54High MgRGT25168 (p < 1e−16)AT4G10200
5_20010406T0.0508Formula0.4490.133.19Formula1.4300.18612.69High MgK3434 (p < 1e−16)AT5G49350
  • Each SNP had 32 models evaluated by Open GWAS algoriTHm (OATH) via naïve summary statistics. The smallest (conservative model) and the largest (powerful) Formula were tabulated. SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; Freq., frequency; S, sulfur; RGT, days to root germination; K, potassium.

  • a “+” and “−” indicate inclusion and exclusion of the jth covariate.