Table 2 Assembly and scaffolding statistics for C. canadensis genome: Canu v1.2 assembly metrics from 4.546 M input PacBio reads (48 Gb)
Version NameNumber of ContigsN50 (bp)Total Bases (Gb)Max Contig Length (Mb)
Primary Canu assemblyCP11,982538,5022.4844.666
First Pilon polishingCP111,982539,3992.4884.678
Second Pilon polishingCP211,981539,1252.4874.677
Assembly reconciled with Abyss assemblyCP2-222,515278,6802.4873.330
Assembly scaffolded with FL- and PL-ORFsCP2-321,170317,5582.5184.235
Unused PacBio reads (Singletons)Unused188,57214,5241.8030.074
  • PacBio, Pacific Biosciences; ORFs, open reading frames.