Table 5 Sites in the N. crassa genome identified by BLASTN that have >75% identity to the 310 bp region upstream of NCU02128
Location% Identity to NCU02128 Upstream RegionGene(s) Surrounding Peaks
Supercontig 1100NCU02128 (D-arabinitol dehydrogenase)
Supercontig 188NCU01957a (mating type A/a related, AR2)
1865502–1865814NCU01958a (mating type protein A-1)
Supercontig 187NCU09144 (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 2100NCU03408 (hypothetical protein)
825079–825389NCU03409 (RNA lariat debranching enzyme)
Supercontig 487NCU04986 (hypothetical protein)
1096849–1097159NCU11067 (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 4100NCU07676 (hypothetical protein)
2271671–2271981NCU07678b (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 487NCU05202 (hypothetical protein)
5768811–5769121NCU05203 (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 486NCU04392 (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 587NCU01321 (high affinity Ni transporter)
3654597–3654907NCU01322 (transcription factor TFIIE complex α subunit)
Supercontig 687NCU05527 (hypothetical protein)
Supercontig 786NCU09993 (helicase swr-1)
3974291–3974600cNCU09460 (NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase 20.1 kD subunit)
  • Sites are shown in sequence according to the supercontig chromosome on which they occur.

  • a Both genes are in incorrect orientation relative to the peaks.

  • b Peaks much closer to the 5′ end of this gene of the pair.

  • c No ChIP-seq peaks seen associated with this locus.