Table 1 Selected plasmids containing C. elegans-specific mNeonGreen transgenes
Plasmid NameDescription
dg353slot2 ENTRY vector with mNeonGreen; for expression of cytoplasmic mNeonGreen
dg356slot2 ENTRY vector with mNeonGreen::egl-13NLS; for expression of nuclear mNeonGreen
dg357slot2 ENTRY vector with myr::mNeonGreen; for expression of mNeonGreen at the plasma membrane
dg398slot2 ENTRY vector with mNeonGreen::3xFLAG::stop; for expression of cytoplasmic FLAG-tagged mNeonGreen
dg397slot3 ENTRY vector with mNeonGreen::3xFLAG::stop::unc-54UTR; for expression of C-terminal fusion of FLAG-tagged mNeonGreen