Table 1 Predictive power of functional networks across different genetic interactions
H. sapiensD. melanogasterS. cerevisiae
Dosage growth  defectNot testedNot tested176/488
Dosage lethality2/3Not tested116/201
Dosage rescue5/13Not tested203/638
Phenotypic  enhancement30/57322/449287/1175
Phenotypic  suppression36/66398/518223/1088
Synthetic growth  defect4/37Not tested576/2436
Synthetic rescue2/35/6218/972
Synthetic lethalityNot testedNot tested221/1469
Negative geneticNot testedNot tested65/4352
Positive geneticNot testedNot tested55/2826
  • For each fraction, the numerator indicates the number of seed sets with AUC ≥ 0.9 and the denominator equals the total number of seed sets tested. Definitions of each genetic interaction type are listed in Table S1.