Table 6 Statistics for C. canadensis genome scaffolded assemblies CP2-3 and AB2-3 using FL- and PL-ORFs
AssemblyScaffolded Assembly
PacBio-Canu assembly CP2-3
 Number of contigs/scaffolds22,50221,157
 Longest contig/scaffold3,330,706 bp4,235,261 bp
 Span (total bp)2.486 Gb2.515 Gb
 Mean contig/scaffold length110,503 bp119,017 bp
 N50 contig/N50 scaffold278,680 bp317,558 bp
Abyss assembly AB2-3
 Number of contigs/scaffolds316,144300,561
 Longest contig/scaffold206,011 bp787,257 bp
 Span (total bp)2.431 Gb2.432 Gb
 Mean contig/scaffold length7,688 bp8,091 bp
 N50 contig/N50 scaffold17,517 bp19,662 bp