Table 2 Expression patterns of mNeonGreen transcriptional reporters
GeneSequenceExpression Pattern
F21D12.3F21D12.3Body wall muscle; motor neurons; fainter expression in unidentified cells between the bulbs of the pharynx
str-74C14H10.4Six head neurons, including two amphid neuron pairs
srh-74C45B11.4Two amphid neuron pairs: ASE, AWA; two phasmid neuron pairs: PHA, PHB
spin-3F09A5.1Four most posterior cells of the gut; Head neurons: ASE, AWA, AFD and one pair of neurons in the retrovesicular ganglion
C54D10.5C54D10.5Anal depressor muscle; subset of 12 striated head muscles (eight external, four internal); neurons: two retrovesicular ganglion neurons, two neurons from the ventral ganglion, at least 16 neurons from the lateral ganglia, DVA or DVC
srr-10T05B11.6Three rectal glands; Faint expression in head and tail neurons: at least six neurons in the lumbar ganglion, at least 20 neurons in the anterior ganglion, at least 20 neurons in the lateral ganglia, two neurons in the dorsorectal ganglion
srj-45T03D3.6Neurons: AVM and six head neurons including two amphid neuron pairs; Seam cells
angl-1W02G9.5Intestine; body wall muscles; pharynx muscles; neurons: at least 12 pairs of neurons in the head lateral ganglia, five pairs of post-anal neurons, PDB, ventral nerve cord motor neurons
amx-1R13G10.2Four pairs of amphid neurons: ASJ and most likely ASH, ASE, and AWB; Phasmid neurons: PHA and PHB