Table 3 Descriptive statistics of traits of the RIL populations and the parents
BR 2014Height (cm)49.3122.50–87.5011.1346.25*64.17
Total seed oil (%)18.6315.04–21.441.1315.8419.81
Palmitic (% seed oil)8.987.14–11.160.678.709.62
Stearic (% seed oil)15.127.83–26.113.4423.88*9.97
Oleic (% seed oil)2115.17–33.293.3818.5718.05
Linoleic (% seed oil)48.0633.09–55.403.8342.60**54.57
Linolenic (% seed oil)6.854.47–9.370.866.25**8.05
2014 SFHeight (cm)63.8231.67–86.6711.014068.75
Total seed oil (%)17.314.16–19.571.1511.8518.59
Palmitic (% seed oil)9.448.42–10.750.519.139.77
Stearic (% seed oil)14.349.66–20.992.8722.32*11.77
Oleic (% seed oil)1815.13–23.431.7516.9218.67
Linoleic (% seed oil)49.944.46–54.422.4343.51*48.92
Linolenic (% seed oil)8.326.82–10.300.698.138.12
RB 2015Height (cm)56.838.00–91.119.4260.7578.94
Total seed oil (%)17.7914.91–19.470.7318.5517.02
Palmitic (% seed oil)9.197.73–11.300.688.769.09
Stearic (% seed oil)15.916.03–24.763.3520.85**12.67
Oleic (% seed oil)21.6917.24–33.562.8418.76**22.19
Linoleic (% seed oil)46.7634.77–53.353.5144.88*49.13
Linolenic (% seed oil)6.454.634–7.870.586.756.91
  • * Parent values are significantly different at P < 0.05; ** parent values are significantly different at P < 0.01. RIL, recombinant inbred line; BR, Bradford Research Center; SF, South Farm; RB, Hinkson Field.

  • a Full details on individual RILs are in Supplemental Materials.

  • b SD, standard deviation.