Table 1 Conservation and phenotypic consequences of novel DAF-2 mutations
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  • For each allele, the genotype, residue change (Change), degree of conservation (Cons), amino acid property change (Effect), and predicted phenotypic effect (Prediction) are indicated. In addition, high-temperature induction of dauer (Hid) phenotype, percent dauer (%D), standard deviation (STDEV), standard error (SE), number of worms assayed (N), and number of independent isolates (I.I.) are shown. Residue numbering refers to the preproreceptor.

  • Colors are shown as defined in Figure 3. WT, Wild Type; I., identical; Ch. Rev., charge reversal.

  • a Substituting residue is found at the corresponding location in a human insulin-like receptor.

  • b Substituting residue maintains conserved amino acid charge.

  • c Identical residue found in 22/27 aligned sequences (File S1).

  • d Conserved charge change.

  • e Substituting residue maintains hydrophobicity of the transmembrane domain.