Table 1 Assembly contiguity metrics of chicken genomes by version
Total base length (bp)1,046,932,0991,230,258,557
Total spanned gapsa8246358
Total contigs27,04124,693
N50 contig length (bp)b279,7502,894,815
Placed contigs (bp)c1,014,655,9631,091,712,069
Unplaced contigs (bp)32,120,124138,199,872
Total scaffolds16,84723,870
N50 scaffold length (bp)b12,877,3816,379,610
  • a Total spanned gaps are calculated on ordered and oriented chromosome sequences.

  • b N50 is the percentage of the genome assembly that is the measured length metric or greater.

  • c Placed contigs refer to chromosome sequences with order and orientation or just chromosomal assignment without order or orientation.