Table 3 The phenotypic difference (d) between mates for the selective assortative mating model when the first mate is A0B0/A0B0 and the second mate varies
MatingPhenotypic difference (d)Mating value (m)
A0B0/A0B0 × A0B0/A0B001
A0B0/A0B0 × A0B0/A0B111 – s/4
A0B0/A0B0 × A0B0/A1B121 – s/2
A0B0/A0B0 × A0B1/A1B131 – 3s/4
A0B0/A0B0 × A1B1/A1B141 – s
  • The relative mating values for assortative mating can be calculated from 1 – sd/4.