Table 3 Distributions of sample membership in the clusters identified in our study by the original cluster assignments in the TCGA, Tothill, and Konecny studies
k = 2
 Cluster 198793682178391000113621226114
 Cluster 2112726022055443522263941094
k = 3
 Cluster 198220116772200006161322682
 Cluster 21111011161003352501636056
 Cluster 30217510621022641002226315070
k = 4
 Cluster 1974121257400000071232562
 Cluster 21850013100134250931041
 Cluster 305803123420110142960157
 Cluster 41403113130264200146339048
  • Clusters identified in our study using k-means clustering with k = 2, k = 3, and k = 4. The corresponding labels for the generally similar HGSC gene expression subtypes observed in the TCGA, Tothill, and Konecny studies are, respectively: mesenchymal/C1/C4, proliferative/C5/C3, immunoreactive/C2/C1, and differentiated/C4/C2). TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas; Mes, mesenchymal; Pro, proliferative; Imm, immunoreactive; Dif, differentiated; NC = samples not clustered in original publication; NA = samples not assessed at the time of the original publication.