Table 2 SAM moderated t score vector Pearson correlations between analogous clusters across populations
Cluster 1aCluster 2Cluster 3Cluster 4
k = 2a0.62–0.810.62–0.81NRNR
k = 3a0.77–0.850.80–0.900.65–0.77NR
k = 4a0.77–0.850.83–0.890.51–0.760.61–0.75
Bonome k = 2b−0.08–0.24−0.08–0.24NRNR
Bonome k = 3b0.45–0.46−0.02–0.120.22–0.42NR
Bonome k = 4b0.50–0.57−0.04–0.040.13–0.290.26–0.43
  • TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas; NR, data not reported.

  • a Correlation ranges for TCGA, Mayo, Yoshihara, and Tothill.

  • b Bonome is removed from gene set analyses because of low correlating clusters.