Table 1 Family designations of nine single-cross families and number of single crosses belonging to each of the nine families
PHG47 × PHG84 (35)LH82 × PHG47 (69)LH82 × PHG84 (67)Total
PHJ40 × PHG39 (8)f1 (27)f2 (39)f3 (33)99
B73 × PHG39 (36)f4 (51)f5 (49)f6 (49)149
PHJ40 × B73 (2)f7 (21)f8 (19)f9 (24)64
  • Biparental families are listed in the row and column headings. The numbers in the parentheses indicate numbers of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) or doubled haploid lines (DHLs) in the biparental family or number of single crosses in each single-cross family. The total number of single crosses are displayed in 4th column (for SSS biparental families) and 4th row (for NSS biparental families).