Table 2 Targeting w in Lig4+ or Lig4169, vas-Cas9 G0 embryos
w sgRNAG0 Lig4 GenotypeFertile G0 (n)Percent of Fertile G0 Whose G1 Offspring Had Eyes That Were:
All RedWhite & RedCoffee & Red/WhiteAll WhiteCoffee & WhiteAll Coffee
pCFD4d-1 (26 nM)Lig4+23% (255)48128.610173.4
Lig416914% (310)76107.12.404.8
pCFD4d-3 (26 nM)Lig4+28% (240)42266.14.57.614
Lig41696.3% (240)7306.76.7013
pDCC6-2 (26 nM)Lig4+23% (230)1515521.97.49.3
Lig416931% (235)1918581.44.10
  • sgRNA templates were coinjected with 33 nM pUC-w HR donor plasmid DNA. n, the number of G0 embryos injected, irrespective of fertility or survival. The coffee & red/white group includes G0 with coffee- and red-eyed, or with coffee-, white-, and red-eyed G1 broods. pCFD4d also carries armi sgRNA-1, and pDCC6 also carries a Cas9 gene expression unit.