Table 1 Summary of the sequencing effort, read cleaning and de novo assembly statistics of head transcriptomes of adult individuals from both sexes at different life stages of A. fraterculus and A. obliqua
A. fra + A. oblaA. fraterculusA. obliqua
Illumina Sequencing
 Total of paired-end reads155,940,82681,781,68674,159,140
 Filtered reads140,493,65373,637,23966,856,414
Assemblies Length Distribution
 Total number of contigs154,787112,86298,549
 Number of trinity components76,29361,15355,126
 Contigs longer than 1000 bp45,60238,10534,982
 Contigs longer than 2000 bp22,29721,05419,964
 Contigs longer than 10,000 bp213329269
Assemblies Length Statistics
 Average contig length (bp)102711961254
 Median contig length (bp)494535563
 Longest contig (bp)25,70427,51322,394
  • a Hybrid assembly generated using reads of head tissues of A. fraterculus and A. obliqua.