Table 3 Summary of common phenotypes associated with mutants sensitive to arsenite and cadmium (background is protein-encoding genes)
PhenotypesFold Enrichmentp ValueList Frequency (36 genes)Background Frequency (5135 genes)Genes
Sensitive to hydrogen peroxide165.36e−1344.44% (16)2.75% (141)mms19, met16, coq4, met14, sty1, cuf1, met8, sua1, hmt2, cys11, SPBC660.10, dps1, coq3, SPCC1739.06c, coq5, aah3
Abolished cell population growth on glycerol carbon source278.19e−1336.11% (13)1.32% (68)mms19, met16, coq4, met14, sty1, cuf1, met8, sua1, cys11, SPBC660.10, dps1, coq3, coq5
Sensitive to cadmium109.50e−1250.00% (18)4.85% (249)mms19, met16, coq4, met14, cut8, sty1, cuf1, gsa1, pcs2, met8, SPAC9.02c, sua1, hmt2, cys11, coq3, SPCC1739.06c, coq5, aah3
Growth auxotrophic for sulfur-containing amino acid573.89e−0716.67% (6)0.29% (15)mms19, met16, met14, cys2, sua1, cys11