Table 2 Genome features of Candidatus Wolbachia bourtzisii wDacA and Candidatus Wolbachia pipientis wDacB from D. coccus
FeaturewDacAwDacBOther Wolbachia Genomes [Median (Range)]
Number of contigs157198195 (9 – 1064)a
N50 (kbp)13.714.513.2 (1.4 – 466)a
Estimated genome size (Mbp)1.1701.4981.224 (0.444 – 1.542)
G + C content (%) (32.1 – 36.3)
CDS genes104012461216 (660 – 1587)b
With function720810
RNA genes
rRNA223 (0 – 4)b
tRNA313934 (14 – 39)b
  • wDacA, Candidatus Wolbachia bourtzisii (supergroup A); wDacB, Candidatus Wolbachia pipientis (supergroup B); CDS, coding sequence; rRNA, ribosomal RNA; tRNA, transfer RNA.

  • a Calculated only for unfinished genomes.

  • b Number of CDS, rRNA, and tRNA genes de novo predicted with prodigal, RNAmmer 1.2, and tRNAscan-SE v.1.3.1, respectively.