Table 4 Summary of GO categories enriched by mutants sensitive to arsenite but not cadmium (background is protein-encoding genes)
GO CategoryTermList Frequency (74 total)Background Frequency (5135 total)p ValueGenes
Biological processProtein targeting to peroxisome6.76% (5)0.21% (11)3.67e−05pex1, pex5, pex12, pex13, pex19
Tubulin complex assembly8.11% (6)0.39% (20)3.22e−05bob1, gim1, gim3, gim4, gim6, pac10
Mitochondrial transport10.81% (8)1.85% (95)0.00551SPAC823.10c, SPBC336.13C, atp1, atp14, atp2, hot15, tom7, tom70
Molecular functionUnfolded protein binding9.46% (7)0.84% (43)0.00263atp10, bob1, gim1, gim3, gim4, gim6, psh3
Cellular componentPrefoldin complex8.11% (6)0.12% (6)5.82e−09bob1, gim1, gim3, gim4, gim6, pac10
Mitochondrion39.19% (29)14.10% (724)1.89e−05SPAC1071.11, SPAC1486.01, SPAC823.10c, SPBC106.07c, SPBC336.13C, SPBC365.16, SPBC3H7.03c, abc1, atp1, atp10, atp11, atp14, atp2, cit1, coq11, coq7, eca39, hot15, ilv1, mdh1, mrpl1, mss116, pos5, ppr6, ppr7, qcr9, tom7, tom70, trx2
Peroxisome6.76% (5)0.47% (24)0.00293pex1, pex5, pex12, pex13, pex19