Table 1 Summaries of cadmium and arsenic functional profiling screens
MetalMethodConcentration (μM)VerifiedTotalS. cerevisiae OrthologsHuman OrthologsS. cerevisiae Ortholog Sensitivity
Cd(II)Bar-seq3, 55110690 (85%)75 (70%)34/90 (38%)
Spot Assay5–10055
As(V)Bar-seq100, 2008311096 (87%)70 (63%)20/96 (21%)
Spot Assay25–20027
  • S. cerevisiae and H. sapiens orthologs were derived from the online tool YOGY (Penkett et al. 2006). S. cerevisiae orthologs implicated in heavy metal resistance were found among 726 genes identified in four cadmium deletome screens (Jin et al. 2008; Ruotolo et al. 2008; Serero et al. 2008; Thorsen et al. 2009) or 486 genes in three arsenic deletome screens (Haugen et al. 2004; Jin et al. 2008; Thorsen et al. 2009).