Table 4 Regression model coefficients explaining the accuracy gained from secondary traits
Intercept−0.971.6 × 10−9
Relationship matrix, genomic−2.8 × 10−30.74
Environment, drought1.1 × 10−20.65
Environment, severe drought3.8 × 10−20.23
Environment, late heat0.122 × 10−7
Environment, early heat6.2 × 10−23.6 × 10−4
Embedded Image b of secondary traits1.12.7 × 10−10
Embedded Imagec between secondary traits with grain yield0.572.7 × 10−2
  • a The reference level for the factor, relationship matrix is pedigree and the reference level for the factor, environment is optimal.

  • b Embedded Image, Mean square root of either line mean or single plot heritability depending upon the replication of the secondary traits in the prediction model.

  • c Embedded Image, Mean absolute value of the genetic correlation.