Table 3 Genomic selection accuracy obtained using data from the TP to calculate genomic estimated breeding values (GEBVs) for lines in the Parental (PP) and Validation (VP) populations and correlating those GEBVs to the phenotypes of the PP and VP lines
PP – PhenotypesPP – True Breeding ValuesVP – Phenotypes
TraitUnweightedaWeightedUnweightedWeightedAll VP Lines85 Most Related VP Lines
  • For the PP we also correlated the GEBVs to the estimates of the TBVs of the PP lines. We used unweighted and weighted correlations in the PP: the weights were the percentage TP parentage that was derived from each PP line. In the VP the correlation was performed using all VP lines or just the 85 VP lines that had a pedigree relationship to the TP. The traits are grain yield over all five environments (GYA), grain yield at Northwest Ohio environments (GYN), grain yield at Wooster Ohio environments (GYW), flour yield (FY), softness equivalence (SE), and Fusarium Head Blight index (FHB).

  • a Accuracy is the Pearson’s correlation between the phenotype and the GEBV of the 21 parental lines.