Table 1 Frequency of retroviral-mediated recombination in BC-ORF libraries
LibraryDistance Between ORF and BC (bp)Experimental ConditionNumber of Sequences AnalyzedNumber of Recombined BCsMeasured FrequencyEstimated True Frequencya
5′BC720Recombination test651726.15%28.53%
5′BC720PCR control3300%0%
3′BC96Recombination test5535.45%5.95%
3′BC96PCR control2000%0%
  • Results of the recombination test performed using sublibrary of 11 ORFs. The BCs paired to selected ORFs are recovered by ORF-specific PCR and identified by Sanger sequencing.

  • a Sum of the measured frequency and the calculated frequency of undetected recombination events in homozygous virions, predicted to be ∼ 9.09% of the total population of virions.