Table 1 Classification of secondary trait measurement dates into vegetative and grain filling stages
Measurement DateOptimalDroughtSevere DroughtLate HeatEarly Heat
January 17, 2014VEGVEG
January 30, 2014VEGVEGVEGVEG
February 7, 2014VEGVEGVEG
February 14, 2014VEGGFVEG
February 19, 2014VEGGFVEG
February 27, 2014VEGGFGF
March 11, 2014GFGFGFGF
March 17, 2014GFGFGFGF
March 28, 2014GFGF
April 25, 2014VEG
May 21, 2014GF
May 27, 2014GF
  • Dashes indicate when the measurement date did not coincide with VEG or GF stages and was not used. VEG, vegetative; GF, grain filling.