Table 1 Genes whose disruption confers tolerance to 200 ng/ml caspofungin in YPD medium
C gla Locus TagS. cerevisiae HomologGene NameDescription of Gene Product (Engel et al. 2016)
Cell wall assembly
CAGL0E02629g YOR002WALG6α-1,3 Glucosyltransferase
CAGL0L00693g YIL049wDFG10Polyprenol reductase
CAGL0G00286g YMR307WGAS1GPI-anchored β-1,3 glucanosyltransferase
Cytoskeleton and vesicular transport
CAGL0L11814g YER166wDNF1Aminophospholipid translocase (flippase)
CAGL0M08052g YEL022wGEA2Arf GEF
CAGL0A02629g YHR108wGGA2Regulates Arf1 and Arf2 to facilitate Golgi trafficking
CAGL0B04631g YOR109WINP53Polyphosphatidylinositol phosphatase
Cell signaling/response to stress
CAGL0K04169g YGR040wKSS1MAPK involved in filamentous growth and pheromone response
CAGL0J01870g YGL167CPMR1High affinity Ca2+/Mn2+ P-type ATPase/transport into Golgi
Transcription regulation/DNA and RNA repair and modification
CAGL0F05379g YDR206wEBS1Involved in translation inhibition and nonsense-mediated decay
CAGL0K11132g YDR240cSNU56Component of U1 snRNP required for mRNA splicing via spliceosome
Miscellaneous and unknown functions
CAGL0D05324g YBR255WMTC4Unknown function; β-1,6 glucan excretion increased in null
CAGL0K04147g YGR038wORM1Unknown function/response to unfolded protein
CAGL0C02717g YAL009WSPO7Putative regulatory subunit of Nem1p-Spo7p phosphatase holoenzyme
CAGL0C04587g YJR098cUnknown function, found in highly purified mitochondria
CAGL0K08008g YPR089WUnknown function, interacts genetically with ERG11 and physically with Hsp82