Table D1 Cross-validation schemes
11y11 (1)y21 (1)y31 (1)y11 (1)y21 (1)M
12y11 (2)y21 (2)y31 (2)y11 (2)y21 (2)y31 (2)
13y11 (3)y21 (3)y31 (3)y11 (3)y21 (3)y31 (3)
21My22 (1)y32 (1)y12 (1)y22 (1)M
22My22 (2)y32 (2)y12 (2)y22 (2)y32 (2)
23My22 (3)y32 (3)y12 (3)y22 (3)y32 (3)
31y13 (1)y23 (1)y33 (1)y13 (1)y23 (1)M
32y13 (2)y23 (2)y33 (2)y13 (2)y23 (2)y33 (2)
33y13 (3)y23 (3)y33 (3)y13 (3)y23 (3)y33 (3)
41y14 (1)y24 (1)y34 (1)y14 (1)y24 (1)M
42y14 (2)y24 (2)y34 (2)y14 (2)y24 (2)y34 (2)
43y14 (3)y24 (3)y34 (3)y14 (3)y24 (3)y34 (3)
51y15 (1)y25 (1)y35 (1)y15 (1)y25 (1)M
52y15 (2)y25 (2)y35 (2)y15 (2)y25 (2)y35 (2)
53y15 (3)y25 (3)y35 (3)y15 (3)y25 (3)y35 (3)
61y16 (1)MMy16 (1)y26 (1)M
62y16 (2)MMy16 (2)y26 (2)y36 (2)
63y16 (3)MMy16 (3)y26 (3)y36 (3)
71y17 (1)y27 (1)y37 (1)y17 (1)y27 (1)M
72y17 (2)y27 (2)y37 (2)y17 (2)y27 (2)y37 (2)
73y17 (3)y27 (3)y37 (3)y17 (3)y27 (3)y37 (3)
81y18 (1)y28 (1)y38 (1)y18 (1)y28 (1)M
82y18 (2)y28 (2)y38 (2)y18 (2)y28 (2)y38 (2)
83y18 (3)y28 (3)y38 (3)y18 (3)y28 (3)y38 (3)
91y19 (1)y29 (1)y39 (1)y19 (1)y29 (1)M
92y19 (2)y29 (2)y39 (2)y19 (2)y29 (2)y39 (2)
93y19 (3)y29 (3)y39 (3)y19 (3)y29 (3)y39 (3)
101MMy310 (1)y110 (1)y210 (1)M
102MMy310 (2)y110 (2)y210 (2)y310 (2)
103MMy310 (3)y110 (3)y210 (3)y310 (3)
J-101y1(J-10) (1)y2(J-10) (1)y3(J-10) (1)y1(J-10) (1)y2(J-10) (1)M
J-102y1(J-10) (2)y2(J-10) (2)y3(J-10) (2)y1(J-10) (2)y2(J-10) (2)y3(J-10) (2)
J-103y1(J-10) (3)y2(J-10) (3)y3(J-10) (3)y1(J-10) (3)y2(J-10) (3)y3(J-10) (3)
J-91y1(J-9) (1)y2(J-9) (1)y3(J-9) (1)y1(J-9) (1)y2(J-9) (1)M
J-92y1(J-9) (2)y2(J-9) (2)y3(J-9) (2)y1(J-9) (2)y2(J-9) (2)y3(J-9) (2)
J-93y1(J-9) (3)y2(J-9) (3)y3(J-9) (3)y1(J-9) (3)y2(J-9) (3)y3(J-9) (3)
J-81y1(J-8) (1)My3(J-8) (1)y1(J-8) (1)y2(J-8) (1)M
J-82y1(J-8) (2)My3(J-8) (2)y1(J-8) (2)y2(J-8) (2)y3(J-8) (2)
J-83y1(J-8) (3)My3(J-8) (3)y1(J-8) (3)y2(J-8) (3)y3(J-8) (3)
J-71y1(J-7) (1)y2(J-7) (1)y3(J-7) (1)y1(J-7) (1)y2(J-7) (1)M
J-72y1(J-7) (2)y2(J-7) (2)y3(J-7) (2)y1(J-7) (2)y2(J-7) (2)y3(J-7) (2)
J-73y1(J-7) (3)y2(J-7) (3)y3(J-7) (3)y1(J-7) (3)y2(J-7) (3)y3(J-7) (3)
J-61y1(J-6) (1)y2(J-6) (1)y3(J-6) (1)y1(J-6) (1)y2(J-6) (1)M
J-62y1(J-6) (2)y2(J-6) (2)y3(J-6) (2)y1(J-6) (2)y2(J-6) (2)y3(J-6) (2)
J-63y1(J-6) (3)y2(J-6) (3)y3(J-6) (3)y1(J-6) (3)y2(J-6) (3)y3(J-6) (3)
J-51MMy3(J-5) (1)y1(J-5) (1)y2(J-5) (1)M
J-52MMy3(J-5) (2)y1(J-5) (2)y2(J-5) (2)y3(J-5) (2)
J-53MMy3(J-5) (3)y1(J-5) (3)y2(J-5) (3)y3(J-5) (3)
J-41y1(J-4) (1)y2(J-4) (1)y3(J-4) (1)y1(J-4) (1)y2(J-4) (1)M
J-42y1(J-4) (2)y2(J-4) (2)y3(J-4) (2)y1(J-4) (2)y2(J-4) (2)y3(J-4) (2)
J-43y1(J-4) (3)y2(J-4) (3)y3(J-4) (3)y1(J-4) (3)y2(J-4) (3)y3(J-4) (3)
J-31y1(J-3) (1)y2(J-3) (1)y3(J-3) (1)y1(J-3) (1)y2(J-3) (1)M
J-32y1(J-3) (2)y2(J-3) (2)y3(J-3) (2)y1(J-3) (2)y2(J-3) (2)y3(J-3) (2)
J-33y1(J-3) (3)y2(J-3) (3)y3(J-3) (3)y1(J-3) (3)y2(J-3) (3)y3(J-3) (3)
J-21y1(J-2) (1)y2(J-2) (1)My1(J-2) (1)y2(J-2) (1)M
J-22y1(J-2) (2)y2(J-2) (2)My1(J-2) (2)y2(J-2) (2)y3(J-2) (2)
J-23y1(J-2) (3)y2(J-2) (3)My1(J-2) (3)y2(J-2) (3)y3(J-2) (3)
J-11y1(J-1) (1)y2(J-1) (1)y3(J-1) (1)y1(J-1) (1)y2(J-1) (1)M
J-12y1(J-1) (2)y2(J-1) (2)y3(J-1) (2)y1(J-1) (2)y2(J-1) (2)y3(J-1) (2)
J-13y1(J-1) (3)y2(J-1) (3)y3(J-1) (3)y1(J-1) (3)y2(J-1) (3)y3(J-1) (3)
J1y1J (1)y2J (1)y3J (1)y1J (1)y2J (1)M
J2y1J (2)y2J (2)y3J (2)y1J (2)y2J (2)y3J (2)
J3y1J (3)y2J (3)y3J (3)y1J (3)y2J (3)y3J (3)
  • In cross-validation 1 (CV1) lines were evaluated in some environments with all traits but are missing (M) in other environments (for all traits). Cross-validation 2 (CV2) simulates a situation where a trait is lacking in all lines in one environment but present in the remaining environments. Example of onefold cross-validation for J lines, three environments and three traits where the env are the environments. Yij(l) represents the response variable measured in environment i, genotype j, and trait l. For simplification we ignore the subscript of replication (Embedded Image.