Table 5 Chromosome bias in DSX occupancy
OccupancyChr.Obs (Exp)FoldP-Value
Clough et al. 2014X553 (530)1.04N.S.
2L579 (551)1.05N.S.
2R619 (644)0.96N.S.
3L617 (612)1.01N.S.
3R727 (766)0.95N.S.
443 (26)1.65< 0.0001
Luo et al. 2011X76 (81)0.94N.S.
2L84 (84)1.00N.S.
2R95 (98)0.97N.S.
3L113 (93)1.220.024
3R107 (117)0.91N.S.
44 (4)1.00N.S.
  • Fisher’s exact test was performed to detect enrichment or depletion of genes showing evidence of DSX occupancy in Clough et al. 2014, or in Luo et al. 2011, on each chromosome arm. The observed (Obs) and expected (Exp) number of genes are reported for each major chromosome arm, as well as the fold enrichment (Fold).