Table 1 Mutation rates of MMR deficient bacteria (numbers are in 10−10 site per generation)
OrganismTransitionsTransversionsOverall Mutation RateOverall Mutation Rate of Wild-Type MA LinesReference
B. subtilis (mutS)280.17375.546.862.304.764.02331.003.28Sung et al. (2015)
D. radiodurans (mutL)18.7017.200.8900.890.4418.604.99Long et al. (2015a)
E. coli (mutL)389.09152.434.773.413.411.02275.002.66Lee et al. (2012)
M. florum13.20165.944.0693.303.0547.3098.00Sung et al. (2012a)
M. smegmatis3.952.760.271.582.100.435.27This study
Pseudomonas fluorescens (mutS)284.45191.001.825.121.722.18234.00aLong et al. (2015b)
  • a No whole-genome sequence data available for wild-type strain.