Table 1 Reports of QTL for anthracnose resistance organized by chromosomal location
PublicationChrom.Distance on Chrom.Colocalization of ResistanceMethodMarkersPopulationResistance SourceSusceptible SourceLocationsa
Upadhyaya et al. 201319.6 Mb, 25-25.2 Mb, 50.8 Mb, 72.1-72.2 MbTobacco mosaic virusAssociation14,739 SNPMinicore1-India
Mohan et al. 201040-8 cMQTL149 microsatellite168 F7 RIL296BIS185512-India
Cuevas et al. 2014555-56.1 MbBSA61 SSR50 F6 RILSC112-14PI 6092511-Puerto Rico, 1-Texas, 1-Arkansas
Perumal et al. 200953.6-4.9 cM from 60.9 MbBSA98 AFLP71 F2:3 familiesSC748-5BTx6231-Texas, 1-Georgia
Burrell et al. 2015553.80– 62.15 MbQTL619 SNP, 3 microsatellite117 F5 RILSC748-5BTx6233-Texas, 1-Georgia
Mohan et al. 201060-6 cM, 36-49 cMRust, zonate leaf spot, target leaf spot, leaf blightQTL149 microsatellite168 F7 RIL296BIS185512-India
Klein et al. 2001694-97 cMGrain mold, zonate leaf spot, bacterial leaf stripeQTL157 AFLP125 F5 RILSureñoRTx4304-Texas
Upadhyaya et al. 2013652.6-52.7 Mb, 56.7 MbRust, zonate leaf spot, target leaf spot, leaf blight, grain mold, bacterial leaf stripeAssociation14,739 SNPMinicore1-India
Singh et al. 200683.26 cM, 6.03 cMBSA46 RAPD49 F8 RILHC136G73Greenhouse-India
Upadhyaya et al. 201384.2-4.3 MbBacterial speckAssociation14,739 SNPMinicore1-India
Biruma et al. 201294.9 Mb, 56.5 MbRustRNA-seq2 inbredsBS04/05MU07/193DGrowth chamber-Iowa
Upadhyaya et al. 20131048.1-48.6 MbRice blastAssociation14,739 SNPMinicore1-India
  • a Location numbers are representative of independent testing locations, which may be observed over multiple years.