Table 2 Characteristics of N1 offspring from Dock7tm1a chimeras
Chimera (N0)Chimera SexTotal Offspring (N1)Agouti OffspringOffspring with Partial CassetteOffspring with Intact Cassette
  • Chimeric mice generated from the Dock7tm1a ES cells were identified by their agouti coat color, and bred to C57BL/6J mice. The number of offspring (N1) from each of the chimeric mice is shown, along with numbers of mice with agouti coat color and amplification of the targeting cassette. Mice were scored as having an intact cassette if a product was obtained from each of the three primer pairs: neo-loxP2A F/R, neo-loxP2B F/R, and loxP3 F/R. Mice were scored as having a partial cassette if a product was obtained only from neo-loxP2A F/R, but not neo-loxP2B F/R or loxP3 F/R. An example of genotyping results with the chimeras and ES cell subclones can be observed in Figure 1.