Table 3 DSX regulated genes and binding site occupancy
StrainTest (Fisher’s Exact)P-ValueObs (Exp)Fold Enrichment
Canton SLuo et al. 2011 Occupancy<0.000162 (30)2.07
Canton SClough et al. 2014 Occupancy<0.0001355 (198)1.79
BerlinLuo et al. 2011 Occupancy<0.000121 (8)2.63
BerlinClough et al. 2014 Occupancy0.000869 (49)1.41
  • Fisher’s exact test was performed to detect enrichment or depletion of genes with previously observed DSXM/DSXF occupancy in ovaries, fat body and in S2 cells (Clough et al. 2014), or in adult female flies (DSXF; Luo et al. 2011) among genes identified as regulated by dsx in 8- to 24-hr-old male or female heads (this study). While this study examines dsx regulation in males and females, the fold enrichment of genes with DSX occupancy in adult female flies (Luo et al. 2011) is greater than the fold enrichment of genes identified in the Clough et al. (2014) study.