Table 1 Proportion of genes in each Cormotif pattern containing vitamin D receptor (VDR) binding sites
Cormotif PatternTotal No. GenesNo. Genes with VDR Binding SiteProportion of Genes with VDR Binding SiteEnrichment P Value
No response57371860.03
All265310.122.57 × 10−8
All except V + L1364650.050.01
1,25D + LPS270230.091.49 × 10−4
1,25D-all782760.106.88 × 10−13
LPS2026960.053.79 × 10−3
  • Enrichment of VDR peaks in each category was calculated using Fisher’s exact test, comparing genes in each Cormotif pattern to those in the “No response” Cormotif pattern.