Table 2 Selective summary of QTL identified for HTPP canopy, agronomic, physiological, and fiber quality traits in the TM-1 × NM24016 RIL population under two irrigation regimes, WL and WW, at an experiment-wise Type I error rate of 5%
ChromosomeLGLeft MarkerLeft Marker Position (bp)Left Marker Position (cM)Right MarkerRight Marker Position (bp)Right Marker Position (cM)Interval SizeTraits
A1355SNP01442,174,00633.44SNP00364,956,69354.822,782,687ABA, NDVI (55.00%), LAI (57.14%), CT (36.84%)
A0932SNP000370,791,30738.53SHIN-1542a74,019,8124.693,228,505Δ13C, CT (31.58%)
A0574SNP00293,926,8880.00SNP01595,616,97324.031,690,085Boll size, CHT (78.57%), NDVI (60.00%), LAI (92.86%), CT (42.11%)
A023SHIN-0129b40,970,93711.53DC40319b41,271,31912.81300,382Fiber elongation
A1144SNP017984,855,7035.32SNP014089,784,3391.124,928,636Fiber elongation
A0619SNP01549,290,49812.87SNP00709,440,19813.80149,700Lint yield, CHT (78.57%)
D0124DPL0790a70,1780.00CIR238a3,374,59716.603,304,419Lint yield, NDVI (65.00%), CT (73.68%)
D0999C2-021a21,552,9542.32SNP025921,636,2480.0083,294Lint yield, Seed per boll
A0621SNP04262,294,77620.03SNP01462,540,0309.23245,254NDVI (40.00%), LAI (35.71%), CT (36.84%)
A0829C2-003a1,083,8260.00SNP04711,736,72716.44652,901NDVI (95.00%), LAI (28.57%), CT (63.16%)
D1254SNP0331993,0240.00SNP04251,432,97318.45439,949CHT (64.29%), NDVI (55.00%), CT (73.68%)
A0371SHIN-0690a2,612,1350.00SHIN-07272,644,27410.8632,140CHT (57.14%), NDVI (35.00%), LAI (78.57%)
A1245MUSB1117a3,597,9609.76SHIN-1413a10,039,27033.256,441,310CHT (85.71%), NDVI (65.00%), LAI (85.71%)
D0622SNP008610,388,60021.39SNP013223,134,6450.0012,746,045CHT (71.43%), NDVI (60.00%), LAI (85.71%), CT (21.05%)
  • Marker positions are reported both in centimorgans (cM) on linkage groups and base pairs on respective chromosomes. The complete summary is included in Table S29, Table S30, Table S31, Table S32, Table S33, and Table S34. Values listed in parentheses are the percentage of days on which the QTL were detected. QTL, quantitative trait loci; HTPP, high-throughput plant phenotyping; RIL, recombinant inbred line; WL, water-limited conditions; WW, well-watered conditions; ABA, abscisic acid content; Δ13C, carbon isotope discrimination; CHT, canopy height; NDVI, normalized difference vegetation index; LAI, leaf area index; CT, canopy temperature.