Table 1 New Associations: regions with ESM test Formula 1e-6 with no corresponding hit from Wellcome et al. (2007) are reported below
DiseaseChrPosition (Mb)Gene RegionSource
CAD780.78–80.88SEMA3CThis analysis
CAD7129.993–130.123ZC3HC1/KLHDC10(Erbilgin et al. 2013)
T1D, RA2237.096–37.203IL2RB(Plagnol et al. 2011; Eleftherohorinou et al. 2011; Okada et al. 2014; Chimusa et al. 2014)
IBD1172.872–172.983FASLG/TNFSF18(Franke et al. 2010; Jostins et al. 2012; Dubois et al. 2010)
  • Three out of four regions contain corresponding hits in the NHGRI GWAS database not due to Wellcome et al. (2007) or were otherwise previously indicated in the particular disease as cited in the source column above. One region is novel based on our analysis, and overlaps with a biologically plausible gene SEMA3C. CAD, coronary artery disease; T1D, type 1 diabetes; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; IBD, Chron’s disease.