Table 4 Gonadal phenotypes of F1 XCni males
CrossNo OutgrowthaDefective OutgrowthbN
C. briggsae AF16 ♂♂ × C. nigoni EG5268 ♀♀91019
C. briggsae PB192 ♂♂ × C. nigoni EG5268 ♀♀61521c
C. nigoni EG5268 ♂♂ × C. briggsae PB192 ♀♀527c
  • AF16, C. briggsae wild-isolate; EG5268, C. nigoni wild-isolate; PB192, C. briggsae cbr-him-8(v188) I.

  • a Small ventral ovoidal masses of gonadal tissue, or degenerate vacuoles, located at midbody.

  • b Larger masses of gonadal tissue extending anteriorly toward the pharynx but lacking the anterior reflex. Differentiated and/or tumorous cells often observed.

  • c Distributions of gonadal phenotypes in XCni males derived from PB192 ♂♂ × EG5268 ♀♀ and EG5268 ♂♂ × PB192 ♀♀ do not differ significantly from the distribution of phenotypes derived from AF16 ♂♂ × EG5268 ♀♀. P values 0.084 and 0.20, respectively.