Table 2 List of candidate genes located in the 95% Bayesian credible intervals
LGNearest MarkerGene NameGene LocationInferred Gene FunctionReference
6chrVI.657036Pcbd12860444Pteridine SynthesisVerri et al. (2012)
6chrVI.6312798Slc2a15a3828235Pigment cell developmentKimura et al. (2014)
9chrIX.2089567Slc24a32277784Pigment cell developmentVerri et al. (2012)
9chrIX.803523Sox10839980Pigment cell developmentDutton et al. (2001)
12chrXII.548804Csf1720731Pigment cell developmentPatterson and Parichy (2013)
  • The nearest marker represents the SNP marker on the genetic linkage map closest to the candidate gene. The gene location is the position in base pairs of the candidate gene on the associated chromosome.