Table 1 Statistics for genome assembly versions
AssemblyLength (Mb)ScaffoldsScaffold N50 NumberScaffold N50 LengthContig N50 Length (kb)
Hmel1.12734309345194 kb51
Hmel1.1 with haplotypes34312,386567128 kb33
Hmel1.1 haploid2896689346214 kb47
PacBio FALCON32511,12171996 kb96
PacBio haploid2564565345178 kb178
Hmel1.1 + PacBio2832961113629 kb316
Hmel2275795342.1 Mb330
  • N50 number, number of scaffolds as long as or longer than the N50 length; N50 length, length of scaffold or contig such that 50% of the genome is in scaffolds or contigs of this length or longer.