Table 1 Detailed input parameters of the investigated breeding strategies
Single BP (SBPM, SBPW, SELFP)Sublines (SUBL)Selfing in Lines (SELFL)Unrestricted Nucleus Breeding (NUCU)Restricted Nucleus Breeding (NUCR)
Breeding population (BP) characteristics
 No BPs14192NucleusMainNucleusMain
 No progeny
  Per BP96002400504800480045605040
  Selected for each BP1924812016820144
  Selected for transfer244244
 Selection intensity for BP2%2%2%0.42%3.5%0.44%2.86%
 Selection intensity for transfer0.5%0.08%0.53%0.08%
Elite selection to generate production population (PP)
 BPs selected1424NucleusNucleus
 No progeny selected/BP2461240240
 Among-BP selection intensity100%100%12.5%
 Within-BP selection intensity0.25%0.25%2%0.5%0.53%