Table 4 Estimates of inbreeding depression in relation to the additive genetic standard deviation (µDA) for growth traits calculated from literature assuming additive coefficients of variation (CVA) of 10% for tree height and diameter and 20% for volume (Cornelius 1994)
SpeciesTree HeightDiameterVolumeReference
Picea abies4.6–6.87.4–7.6Skrøppa 1996
Picea glauca6.0Doerksen et al. 2014
Pseudotsuga menziesii4.8– 1999
Pinus elliottii2.4–5.23.7–9.43.6–8.2Matheson et al. 1995
Pinus sylvestris3.6–6.23.5–5.8Lundkvist et al. 1987
Pinus pinaster3.55.14.4Durel et al. 1996
Pinus taeda3.5–4.23.2–3.3Ford et al. 2015
Pinus banksiana2.4–3.2Rudolph 1981
Pinus radiata1.72.3–2.83.0Wilcox 1983
Pinus radiata2.7Wu et al. 1998
  • Ranges are given for traits assessed at several sites or timepoints.