Table 3 Genome statistics
Organism NameM. oryzaeM. poaeG. graminis var. tritici
Genome size, bp41,027,73339,503,33143,618,147
Contig N50, bp823,59016,56548,943
Scaffold N50, bp6,606,5983,426,6016,703,616
Contig count2193,1061,808
Scaffold count8205513
Protein-coding genes12,69612,11314,255
Coding regions in the genome, %61.3463.5963.38
Gene length median, bp1,7551,8231,711
mRNA length median, bp1,5561,5841,494
CDS length median, bp1,0839871,041
Exon length median, bp374412370
Intron length median, bp888788
Exon per spliced transcript3.223.33.21
5-UTR length median, bp267301246
3-UTR length median, bp298343304
Intergenic region length median, bp742654580
Contig gap length median, bp100537481
Genome G+C content, %51.6156.9956.85
Genic region G+C content, %54.0958.7759.8
Intergenic region G+C content, %47.6652.5750.77
mRNA G+C content, %5559.3160.67
CDS G+C content, %57.6361.6562.76
Exon G+C content, %5559.3160.67
Intron G+C content, %46.5853.7653.03
5-UTR G+C content, %48.856.2956.97
3-UTR G+C content, %46.451.7551.91
Genes with 5-UTR, %8,1208,0178,590
Genes with 3-UTR8,1537,7498,802
Spliced genes10,3419,38811,176
Average exons per transcript2.782.762.71
Alternatively spliced genes796877885
rRNA genes402613
tRNA genes325167273
  • Magnaporthaceae species were sequenced using Sanger sequencing (M. oryzae), or Sanger sequencing, ABI, and 454 Next-Generation sequencing (M. poae and G. graminis var. tritici). M. oryzae was finished to seven chromosomes, whereas M. poae and G. graminis var. tritici were sequenced to 40-fold and 25-fold coverage, respectively. mRNA, messenger RNA; CDS, coding sequence; UTR, untranslated region; rRNA, ribosomal RNA; tRNA, transfer RNA.