Table 3 Enriched GO terms (biological processes) in yeast for orthologs that are overexpressed in both Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and Histoplasma capsulatum
Growth PhaseGO AccessionTerm Representation in Gene Set (%)aTerm representation in genome (%)bP-valuecTerm
YeastGO:00156729.520.490.0006Monovalent inorganic cation transport
GO:00300017.840.590.0016Metal ion transport
GO:00068114.542.040.0003Ion transport
  • a Term representation in gene set: percentage of genes associated with a given term that are found in the set of yeast overexpressed genes.

  • b Term representation in genome: percentage of the whole genome that is associated with a given term.

  • c P-values obtained using GOseq package.