Table 3 Improved GWAS results due to MDA
ChromosomePeak SNP rsIDPeak P-valueDistance to CandidateCandidate GeneEvidence
Associated in prior genotypes
1rs338256481.1E-655 kb upstreamTgfb2Cis-eQTL, literature
Associated in MDA genotypes
1rs338256489.8E-755 kb upstreamTgfb2Cis-eQTL, literature
2rs279224902.6E-62 kb upstreamAcvr1Cis-eQTL, literature
9rs367707053.1E-7Between Exon 4 and 5Trim29Splicing mutation, literature
9rs248855382.9E-7Between Exon 2 and 3Drd2Cis-eQTL, literature
10rs492700793.1E-7737 kb upstreamPlnCis-eQTL, literature
2.8 mb upstreamGrik2Cis-eQTL, literature
  • Significant loci were observed in both the Prior and MDA genotypes Dashed lines delineate loci from one another. GWAS, genome-wide association studies; MDA, Mouse Diversity Array.