Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study
StrainAlternate NameGenotypeSource
BY4741MATa his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0Lab stock
camGSIY504BY4741 targetChVIa::pSIB426 (Sphis5, camPr-gfp)This study
camG-TASIY733BY4741 targetChVI::pSIB426 (Sphis5, camPr-gfp)This study
ykl162c::pSIB619 (KlURA3, cam-TA)
BY-ade2ΔSIY390BY4741 ade2Δ::hisG (derived from p∆ADE2)This study
camA-TASIY794BY-ade2Δ targetChVI::pSIB791 (Sphis5, camPr-ADE2) ykl162c::pSIB619 (KlURA3, cam-TA)This study
camA-EmVSIY795BY-ade2Δ targetChVI::pSIB791 (Sphis5, camPr-ADE2) ykl162c::pSIB233 (KlURA3)This study
BY4742MATalpha his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 ura3Δ0Lab stock
TetOffGSIY555BY4742 targetChVI::pSIB527 (Sphis5, tetPr-gfp, tTA)This study
BY-TeCaOFFSIY797BY4742 ho::pSIB872 (KlURA3, camPr-rfp, cam-TA) targetChVI::pSIB527 (Sphis5, tetPr-gfp, tTA)This study
YAS38BY4741 bar1:: pFus1-yEGFP, pFUS1-tdTomato - LEU2Lab stock
camLYZY009BY4741 targetChIIb:: Sphis5, camPrThis study
WT-TASIY706BY4741 ykl162c::pSIB619 (KlURA3, cam-TA)This study
CamL - TAYZY011BY4741 targetChIIb:: Sphis5, camPrThis study
ykl162c::pSIB619 (KlURA3, cam-TA)
  • a TargetChVI: an intergenic region between GAT1/YFL021W and PAU5/YFL020C.

  • b TargetChII: the intergenic region between TKL2/YBR117C and the open reading frame of LYS2/YBR115C.